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The sun goes down on Idol

on 03/31/2011

Steven TylerI’m a glutton for punishment. Thus, I watched American Idol again tonight. Elton John night. Warning: high pun factor.

Country kid shouted out to his grandma. Corny but semi-cute. Whatevs. I’m bored.

Naima sang I’m Still Standing…she won’t be for long. haaaaa.

Paul McCharlie from Always Sunny sang Rocket Man…yes, you’d better pack your bags, pre-flight.

Pia ROCKED her ish out. She shouldn’t be losing anything.

[a good song makes Steven Tyler cry inside]

Stefano mumbled something about a Tiny Dancer.

Lauren could be a candle in the wind if she doesn’t get some voice training ASAP.

Adam Lambert wannabe shocked me by being good until he did the screeching thing at the end.

Thia sings Daniel almost exclusively off pitch…must be the clouds in her ears. I think she can wave goodbye.

Weird, Dr. McCreepy can’t sing when he’s not screaming? Let me put this down in words: No song will ever be your song.

[Randy still thinks using their save on him was a good idea]

[Steven thinks singing different every time makes you a true artist]

I still adore Jacob and want to give him a hug…but it really was so sad. Sorryyyyy honey.

Haley and the Jets actually shook it loose pretty well. But a lil’ less on the sexy voice growl thing next time.

[Steven: you. sing. sexy.]

I bet Simon Cowell is laughing his British ass off.


3 responses to “The sun goes down on Idol

  1. Carol Martin says:

    Very interetesting and right on observations! It was a highly entertaing show, even though the singing was awful and Tyler is babbling and making no sense (a good Paula replacement?) Loved your comments!

  2. ha ha…LOVE IT. Yes, got sucked into semi-watching in the background while having an otherwise nice girls night at home with the roommie. Conclusion for the night/season… the real competitions for actual singers is are thing of the past…cue Hulk Hogan’s entrance from last week (???) …let’s just ring the bell on this ish…it’s so done.

  3. Amanda says:

    awww larn I love your blog!!! it’s super cute!!! You have a lot of voice, and it makes me laugh…. just like Simon and his british ass 😛

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