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So, my husband has cancer…again

Because life is a total asshat, my husband’s testicular cancer has recurred. He’s been cancer free since 2012, but it was discovered in his abdomen last month.

f*ck cancerSo now he has to go through chemo, which I had heard is a bitch…and yeah it is. He went for 5 days in a row and felt progressively crappier as the week went on. Extreme nausea, fatigue, and, oh, pain in his neck, shoulders, and arm on the side of his mediport. Apparently it’s messing up his blood flow because it shifted…so they will need to go up through his hip to adjust it. Baller.

Now I have to figure out how I can he helpful to him. We have an eight-month-old girl to keep alive, so I can certainly take on more of that responsibility. I can make sure he takes his meds, drinks water, and gets some nutrition. I can provide emotional support.

I guess that’s all a spouse can do, but it never seems like enough—since what we really want to do is make the suffering (and the freaking cancer) go away.

I welcome any advice in the comments about getting through this and helping your spouse beat this unimaginably terrible disease.